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Cool Slide - partition wall and chillness back holding system

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Cool Slide® – partition wall and chillness back holding system

1. Operation as a chillness back holding system. During off loading the Cool Slide keeps the cold air inside and avoids warm air and humidity to come in. Step by step the area to be chilled will be reduced. It is about 40 % less cooling unit fuel consumption, and the same reduction of CO2.
The system has been tested with many big fleets of reefer trucks and reached up to € 900,--  reduction of costs.

2. Operation for  a multi compartment transport. Again the system has proofed itself. On one hand side due to the good insulation and on the other hand side due to the very easy handling.  The sliding doors grants a quick entry to the deep freeze compartment. Easy movable and fold up to the roof thanks to a light and flexible  material. An ventilator can be integrated at any time. Surface is food safe.

Cool Slide® -partition wall and chillness back holding system

3. Replaces rear doors. Kiesling refrigerated bodies without any rear doors but equipped with Cool Slide  and a Standard tail lift, receive the required ATP/FRC approval for body lengths of 6 m and upwards.

Cool Slide replaces rear doors.

development of this system was substituted by the German Foundation of Environment and it has won the award Trailer Innovation 2005.