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refrigerated vehicle with ramp to unload mobile containers
unloading with a ramp

Fresh and frozen foods on roll containers in the city

Lively city centres delight residents and visitors alike, but traffic is increasingly becoming a problem as well. Many cities control this by banning any vehicles over 3.5 t. Nevertheless, inner city shelves still have to be stocked.  Kiesling is now offering a tailor-made solution for deliveries to urban branches with a new generation of refrigerated vehicles:
the Runner series can bring fresh and frozen foods, pre-packed in euro crates or "roll on" containers, through the narrow inner city streets to the shops.

The Runner is available in three different sizes and is tailor-made for euro crates and roll containers.
Speedy Runner, City Runner and Rolli Runner can take from 160 to 210 E2 crates and from 7 to 11 roll containers.

The basic vehicle for all Runners combines the front end of the MB Sprinter or Fiat Ducato with the AL-KO low-frame chassis. The  ATP/FRC platforms tested in accordance with HACCP guidelines that are built on these chassis are a full 30 cm lower than previous refrigerated models, which have several advantages for drivers and fleet operators alike:

Advantage 1 is the low loading floor. Loading and unloading is much easier but with the same interior height as comparable models. Climbing into the 30 cm lower loading space is also easy for smaller people and saves on energy.
Unloading euro crates is also much easier and becomes childs play thanks to one add-on optional extra:
A pull-out ramp is offered for unloading roll containers or other mobile equipment. A tail-lift, which is too expensive and too heavy for a 3.5 t vehicle, is, thus, superfluous. The ramp means that all mobile equipment can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily.

In transit the ramp simply stows away in the vehicle frame.

Advantage 2 of the Runner series is the 30 cm reduction in overall height, which is an obvious advantage when it comes to low clearance and not just in city traffic The area exposed to wind is also much less thanks to the low design, which pays off for long-distance and motorway journeys. Fuel consumption is much more reasonable in comparison to the transported load volume. In-house field tests have shown that the 30 cm height reduction results in a saving of almost 2 l/100 km at an average speed of 95 km/h.
Advantage 3 of the new generation is the low centre of gravity, due to the low-frame chassis, which means the Runners handle really well and have a sporty feel despite their large load volume. The vehicles' convenient stub axles mean they sit well on the road and are very agile.

Runner by Kiesling® is the
refined solution for city logistics.

The lower weight design of chassis and body increases the payload by up to 150 kg. The loading area is perfectly tailored to euro crates and roll containers and combines maximum load volume with low height.
The gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t without trip odometer can be driven on a normal licence and is ideal for city traffic.
The Runners are also a promising solution thanks to their low fuel consumption and can be used for countless tasks in the distribution of chilled and frozen foods.

Easy unloading of mobile containers