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For you, that you can relay on your Kiesling product. Day by day. On this is the essential difference to others,  we are working to become even better. It is 40 years of know how with Kiesling.
Development, manufacturing and testing is done at the Kiesling premises in Germany. A foaming machinery is producing the impact resitant panels due to the latest
technology, which grants an outstanding long durability of the insulation.
Even standards will be completed with premium quality materials.
Pay your attention to this, and do not accept less.

Roll Bumper - impact protection in three phases

The  Kiesling-Roll Bumper is an effective an robust protective strip for loading and unloading from ramps.  The stainless steel roller is a limit stop and prevents excessive compression of the elastomer.
From a body length of 6100 mm on as standard. To the Roll Bumper filmlet.

Special protection for loading ramp

When reversing up to the loading ramps, any impact is effectively absorbed and distributed thus causing no damage to the body (as standard for length from 6100 mm).


Aluminium floor, welded with the scuff rail to a floor-pan. It is absolutely liquid tight and therefore easy to clean and hygienic.
Stability for loading and unloading by  heavy equipment.
Antislip and quiet while unloading.

High protection base plate

350 mm high aluminium profile protects the inner surface while loading and unloading.


Frame components are all bolted and ktl-coated.
This means the best anti-corrosion protection and an easy-repair possibility in case of damage.

LED interior lighting

Most illuminating and life time durability.
Less energy consumption and no use of battery, of course we tested the functionality of the lightings in water and in ice.
Withstands also the use of clamping bars!

1st recyclable reefer box body

Our metal-faced panel bodies can be recycled without any probles at the end of their service life. No special waste! The separated materials can even be reused in part in our new production. TÜV-approved process!

As well as we guarantee for high quality products and accessories, we do proof them.
Various certificates are documenting that our products and manufacturing processes are meeting the unchanging high quality requirements. These tests will regularly be re-enacted and do help us for a permanently on going development.