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Internal recycling cycle

Kiesling metal face sheets are produced with very high and durable insulating properties, as well as they grant an outstanding long durability of all used materials.

Anyhow one day we will have to care about the end of the service life of the reefer box bodies.

In case of this, the Kiesling insulated bodies will be correctly broken down into their original material and the resulting pieces are then recycled.
Metal and wood will be recyled, PU foam - is re-used as a recyclate in the new production.

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Recyclability determined by the TÜV

Based on Directive 2005/64/EC (type approval for motor vehicles with regard to their reusability, recyclability and recoverability) the following rates were determined by the TÜV Süd Automotive GmbH for the Isopan box bodies manufactured by Kiesling GmbH:

Recycling Rate:                           R cyc   ≥ 85%

Recovery Rate:                            R cov   ≥ 95 %