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City Runner® with AL-KO Low Frame Chassis

low loading height - low total height

With optimized wheel housing system, especially for the transportation of euro boxes or mobile containers.

New Solution for delivering the cities:

- high pay load

- low consumption of fuel

Technical data

ChassisCity Runner® with AL-KO Low Frame Chassis
Loading area180/190 E2-euro boxes or 7/11 mobile containers
GW3.500 kg
Approx.inside length3450 mm
Approx.inside width1860/2230 mm (1260 mm between wheel housings)
Approx.inside height1950 mm
Payloadup to 1100 kg
Approx.internal loading height540 / 630 mm (loaded / not loaded)
Approx.overall height2610 / 2700 mm (loaded / not loaded)

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LED interior lighting

brighter and long lasting
less damage through clamping bars

stainless steel

hinges and locks are made of high-grade steel, long lasting and very hygienic.
Easy to handle with one hand.

Independent wheel suspension

As standard is a comfortable driving experience

aluminium-floor-pan water tight

with a 350 mm high protection base plate hygienic and stability for daily loading and unloading by heavy equipment

HACCP certified by TÜV Munich

HACCP certified by TÜV Munich

Additional equipment:

Temperature recording system with printer

for trucks, hanger or swop bodies;  suitable for small fleets or in case of local data storage
ask for more information.

aerodynamic properties

e.g. spoiler for Sprinter

ATP-FRC certified

all bodies are ATP-FRC certified, application for ATP, ATP certification and marks

Easy Load System for Runner

Especially to use with our Runners®.
Two foldable undershelf bottoms to be used for the 3rd row of E2 boxes.(SI 0973)

Ramp for Runners

Using a ramp instead of a tail lift saves money and offers you more pay load!
Unloading of e.g. dollies is easy and quick.
Only for the Runner serie.(lb 242)

Clamping bar with hoop set

(SI 022/ SI 023) with (SI 023-1)