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General orientation

General orientation

Social aspect:
social, competent, innovative

Cooperation / personal responsibility / support / training & further education

Staff at our traditional family company are motivated and integrated by social issues, regardless of their gender or nationality.
We offer staff a high level of qualification, personal responsibility and commitment through continual training and further education.
Innovations and visions are brought to life through constant interdepartmental cooperation.
Social and charitable institutions are incorporated and supported through our environmental awareness and ecological approach.

Outside world:
First address

Dealing with customers and suppliers

We are future and service-oriented and trustworthy.
We are a social, environmentally aware and innovative company.
Our company is informative, well-structured and transparent.
We are a reliable, fair, honest and skilled partner to our customers and suppliers.

Innovation, quality and profitability

We will continue to be a reliable partner to our customers in the future thanks to high market orientation and the resulting innovations.
Our aim is to carry on producing continuously improved quality.
The excellent price-performance ratio guarantees our customers high profitability and investment security.

Processes / cooperation
You never walk alone!

Our customers receive permanent support from our skilled staff for the whole service life of our products, through our comprehensive service and sales network.
Cooperative partnership on all levels enables us to do this.