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Easy Lock® in red - added values of Kiesling

Magnetic doorlocker - Easy Lock®

The new door retainer - solution of Kiesling makes it possible:
heavy doors, especially the doors of refrigerated bodies, can be magnetically locked into place.

Thanks to the strong Magnetic pull force of the Kiesling Easy Lock® - the door is held securely and safely in place against the side wall of the refrigerated body.

Easy ergonomic use!
Fast unlocking with the patent pending Easy Lock® .

Hygienic transport - comfortable use

During transportation traditional door retainers become contaminated and then transfer this dirt into the loading area - hygienic with Easy Lock®.
Secure - even when driving over bumps with the doors open.
No damage when reversing into docking bays, because the Kiesling Easy Lock® does not extend beyond the rear doors.

No wear, no maintenance, long-lasting compared to old door retainers.