Roll Bumper - the first bumper with a progressive buffering effect in three phases:

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Roll bumper - developped by Kiesling

Protection of utility models no. 20 2011 050 555.3

The new Roll Bumper, made by Kiesling is an effective and robust protection for loading/unloading from ramps, effecting in three phases.
It is easily to be replaced and fits most models


High quality bumper -effective and robust in three phases

Rammpuffer für die Rampenbeladung mit Kühlfahrzeugen

Phase 1: light pressure, the stainless steel roller absorbs this. The elastomer is only lightly compressed
Phase 2: a medium load, roller and bumper are simultaneously compressed
Phase 3: fully loaded, maximum pressure. Roller as a limit stop prevents excessive compression of the elastomer thus resulting in a longer service life.
The stainless steel roller rolls during decompression.

By the way, the roll bumper by Kiesling is available only in red colour -the externally visible sign for the pure materia of the elastomer whereas a standard bumper contains soot particles and is therefore black.