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Distribution of bakery products

Due to close contacts with our customers, most practical solutions have been developed.

In collaboration with the fleet management of a well known bakery, a most tailor-made reefer box body have been designed, which finds already its entry to other customers.

The distribution of chilled, filled cream cakes, deep freeze pastries and fresh oven baked rolls is done with just one box body, where in former times three reefers were needed.

This makes a strict temperature separation absolutely necessary. 

Two Cool Slide partitions offers three compartments

Cool Slide®- with 2 evaporators

As of the Cool Slide sliding elements, handling is most easy. The material itself is flexible, extremely robust and food safe.

Due to three sliding elements, of which each is movable, entry to the front compartment is possible even if rear compartments are loaded.






The daily tour

Cool Slide®- temperature regulation by ventilator

For loading the Cool slide partitions will be folded up and will be hold by strong magnets.

First, frozen products will be loaded in front compartment and the Cool Slide partition will be dropped down, positioned just behind the product.

Now chilled products are being loaded. This compartment will be closed by the second Cool Slide partition. Thus the temperature can be regulated individually.

The rear compartment now is for fresh and may be even warm crispy products. A roof integrated ventilator avoids humidity so that these products will reach the bakery shop just in condition they have left the factory. 

Each compartment does have its own temperature. First one is of down to – 20 ° C straight from the cooling unit.

A integrated ventilator in the Cool Slide with a thermostat chills the second compartment . The temperature can be adjusted.

As an option a cooling unit with two evaporators can be installed

The fresh, not chilled products will be off loaded via the rear doors. Due to the sliding elements entry and off loading of products of the second and first compartment is not a problem. If once the rear area is still full loaded, off loading of second and first compartment will be done via the side doors. Curtains in front of the side doors avoid cold air to come out.