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Pharma Cooler - Reefer box body, qualified for transportation of pharmaceutical products

Transportation of pharmaceutical products must conform to
EG-GMP legal requirements (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice)
AMWHV (Ordinance on the Manufacture of Medical Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
WHO (Good Distribution Practice of the World Health Organisation)

Pharma Cooler für trans-o-flex

The qualified pharma reefer box body provides:

Qualified by Pharmaserv. No need to certify the reefer locally (as long as the Pharmaserv
approval will be accepted) High quality FRC deep freeze insulation, warranting safeness in case of broken cooling unit.
trans-o-flex ThermoMed uses this system for the distribution of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products with two temperature zones.


A curtain avoids the loss of cooling energy while unloading.

Cool Slide as a partition wall separates two temperature zones.

As of the sliding elements, handling is most easy. The material itself is flexible, extremely robust and food safe.