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ATP/FRC-approved refrigerated body without rear doors, with Cool Slide

Requirements in the refrigerated transport sector regarding the transport temperature have risen in recent years.
The obligation to keep the temperature absolutely constant has generated complicated and time-consuming solutions in many areas. Thus, for example, the easy and quick to use "tail lift closure" version (rear closure through the tailgate and tail lift) no longer features on refrigerated vehicles as the granting of ATP / FRC approval meant that rear doors or roller doors were required in order to achieve the required K-values​​.

With the Cool Slide sliding partition wall. a new, time-saving solution is now available:

The Cool Slide partition wall retains the cold temperatures in the loading area throughout the tour and especially during unloading times. It ensures constant temperatures and the sealing effect is extremely good so that rear doors are not necessary.


Tiefkühlfahrzeug öffnet am Heck - keine Türen

ATP/FRC certified without rear doors

Kiesling refrigerated bodies without any rear doors but equipped with with Cool Slide, receive the required ATP/FRC approval for body lengths of 6 m and upwards.

The large time-savings - approx. 1.5 minutes per loading process - can be multiplied by 20 unloading stops to total around 30 minutes per day.

By dispensing with rear doors:
- faster unloading process by the user (time-saving of approx. 30 minutes / day)
- the last customer receives his order 30 minutes earlie

Additional benefits:

- considerably better temperature control as the Cool Slide® maintains the cold temperature level in the body of the vehicle
- hygienic, complete separation of empties and fresh produce
- weight savings due to the omission of rear doors (approx.
80 kg)
- no damaged rear doors resulting in less repair costs
- due to the ATP/FRC approval, the Cool Slide® is suitable for transports throughout the whole of Europe

Time-savings are highlighted in the "Cool Slide replaces rear doors" film.

Short description of the Cool Slide:
Three sliding elements made ​​of highly insulated and food-safe material is mounted in the refrigerated body as a laterally-positioned partition wall.

During the loading process, the Cool Slide is fixed to the ceiling
When unloading, only one sliding element is opened, the required goods are removed and the loading area is immediately re-closed.

After unloading each time, the Cool Slide can be re-positioned thus automatically reducing the size of the loading area.

  • Tiefkühlfahrzeug ohne Hecktüren
  • TK-Fahrzeug ohne Hecktüren