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Possible with Cool Slide - quick unloading without rear doors

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ATP-FRC geprüftes Kühlfahrzeug ohne Hecktüren für schnellere Beladung

Kiesling refrigerated bodies without any rear doors but equipped with Cool Slide, receive the required ATP/FRC approval for body lengths of 6 m and upwards.
The large time-savings - approx. 1.5 minutes per loading process - can be multiplied by 20 unloading stops to total around 30 minutes per day.
The last customer gets his goods 30 minutes earlier.

No rear door - no damaged rear door.
The numerous losses with rear doors, hinges, etc. are over -  save money.

The complete separation of empties and fresh produce is hygienic, empties are placed behind the Cool Slide®.

Weight savings due to the omission of rear doors (approx. 80 kg).

Also possible is the using of two Cool Slides®, to keep fresh and frozen goods separated.

Due to the ATP/FRC approval, the Cool Slide® is suitable for transports throughout the whole of Europe