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Kiesling refrigerated vehicle Rolli RunnerKiesling refrigerated vehicle based on Fiat DucatoKiesling refrigerated vehicle Fiat DucatoKiesling refrigerated vehicle Cooler Flitzer based on Fiat Ducato

Fiat chassis with Kiesling reefer box bodies

- HACCP and ATP/FRC approved
- aluminium barley floor with a high protection base plate for the optimal stability and protection

Huge offer of city-delivery vehicles

We offer various solutions based on Ducato, for different city-delivery requirements for refrigerated and frozen food.

You transportate paletts or dollies? You need a tail-lift or a ramp to unload? To find the best vehicle solution for your requirements, do not hesitate to contact our reefer sales team.

Chassis GW Approx.inside length Number of euro pallets or E2-boxes
Fiat Ducato 3,5/5 t 3300 mm 5 pal. or 200 E2-boxes
Fiat Ducato 3,5 t 2550 mm 4 pal. bzw. 120-140 E2-boxes
Fiat Ducato/low frame 3,5 t 3450 mm 7-11 dollies